modern music school in prague
ukulele, guitar, el. guitar, bass, vocals, drums, piano, synthesizers, production (Ableton live)

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Compared to archaic modes of teaching in art schools we will show you how to effectively and continuously improve your performance.


Our goal is to adjust the content and style of teaching for each student individually. We find out in which areas you excel and strengthen your weak points via the application of advanced educational programs.

The course

We teach ukulele, guitar, el. guitar, bass, vocals, drums, piano, synthesizers, production (Ableton live)
Always individual one-on-one instruction
Instead of the classic 45 min, each lesson has a full 60 min
Flexible scheduling of lesson dates and maximum accomodation to the learner
The course content is always built individually according to your musical preferences, favorite style and genre

What style do we teach?
Our aim is to show pupils how they can improve and learn independently without the presence of a teacher. We provide links to youtube tutorials, play along songs, chord and tab sites, song databases, songbooks, tabs, and use of software such as or GuitarPro. Mastering the instrument is then much faster than in classical teaching

Where the lessons take place

Lessons take place either in our classrooms (Poděbradská 173/5), at the lecturer or in the comfort of your home (in summer if you are interested, for example, in the park). We will always try to assign you the ideal lecturer just for you and adapt the place of teaching to your comfort.

Art Master classrooms

Our classrooms at Harfa have professional acoustics and are fully equipped (some including air conditioning).

Among our students are for example

Price list

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Our teachers

27 music enthusiasts work in our young team of lecturers. Among them are the winners of competitions, trained professionals with experience and experienced teachers who improve each other in modern teaching methods. We are independent and constantly strive to come up with new ways to teach our pupils how to play musical instruments effectively and fun. We enjoy and fulfill our work.
Our instructors are active musicians who perform with bands: Slza, Tereza Mašková, Lenny, Vojda D, Adam Misik, The Switch, Modern Day Babylon, Y, Deaf Hearts, Dirty Blondes, Monna, Margo, Marina , Anthems, and more

We won the Best Project Award

We introduced the Art Master project, including an innovative teaching method at the Innoversity 2017 business competition, where we won the Audience Award for Best Project. A year later we have over 40 satisfied pupils. Now we have around 200 satisfied musicians.

The media wrote about us

ČESKÁ TELEVIZE - in the children's show Wifina, we quickly introduced the audience to the ukulele.
Link to the report ČT >>
EVROPA 2 - a special report about one of our students, Sebastian. Why do they attend guitar lessons with us?
Link to the report Evropy 2 >>

We will be happy to advise you

Need help choosing the right musical instrument?
We will advise you and arrange a significant discount. We buy better from our partners.

Arrange your first lesson

If you are interested in the course, you can send us the following information directly to speed up the process.

Instrument, level (beginner, advanced), time options over a week, possible learning locations (our classrooms or at your home) and try to describe us your music (genres, specific bands, songs, whatever).


Art Master Academy s.r.o.
Mailing address:
Londýnská 58, Praha 2, 120 00

Ing. Radim Vysoký, managing director
+420 720 594 735

Vendula Halenková, instruction coordinator
+420 720 550 930